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Dec 3, 2012 5:30am EST
but if you can hold 7.106, with a bed in a day. >>host: ramwhere it is going to go. >>guest: the defense is ok, and in certain instances in the game when they need them. they get the turnover, a fumble and texas on the other hand, carry a balance, very thin defense some of their relief from to make the run this year so we will see come when they get the they are probably going to see tom brady and the patriots coming to town. >>host: we're in the month for all a beautiful fall the same colors, there are gone and this is cold the flood the need to remind yourself that there is formed around the color but there is light from the corner and an incredible sherpa throw? if you ever experienced a sharp with the l give it a try. great suppers, foods that everybody wears, the shirt of material that is on the inside, that is what this is. it is one of the most beloved, the best experiences will ever have in a blanket and the fact that it is completely machine washer all makes this a throw to live in where and to take to the game and to put it in the backseat of a into use as a picnic blanket or
Dec 9, 2012 7:45am EST
that created the joint chiefs of staff, secretary of defense. during the civil war, in world war ii there was a secretary of war who was responsible for the army, and secretary of the navy, responsible for the navy who sat as co-equals on the cabinet table and they were members of the coalition press. they were on the same side without a doubt, but they were hardly partners. i became very clear early on to not only was halleck, general can't be done, jealous of his own command. he wanted to keep the forces under his own immediate control which he believed a need to capture this road a. but in addition to navy was equally jealous of partnering with the army. they didn't want to do. secretary of the navy was absolutely determined whenever possible that the navy should do things without upping the army. it was just that they couldn't do without the army. they really saw to do without the army. that was a good thing because then i got the headlines. so behind all of this difficulty that begins to emerge now, there is this sort of underpinnings of jealousy, competition, rivalry between t
Dec 9, 2012 7:00am EST
remains, involving -- the defense department, so he, he was interested in politics all the way along and he stayed involved working for the american government. those three were very seriously injured early in their time in north africa, which is in a way why they survived. >> rachel cox, this is your book, "into dust and fire: five young americans who went first to fight the nazis." we didn't want to give voice to much of the indian. we gave away a little of it. rachel cox has another uncle who became rather notorious, and that is who? >> archibald cox to everyone in my family called him uncle bill. nobody knows why. that was his nickname. maybe just didn't like being called archie, i don't know spent so you called him uncle bill? >> yes. >> he is well-connected to the watergate era. what do you remember about that era? >> well, i think the general feeling was that it was characteristic of him to resign when his put in a position. i guess he was fired actually. he didn't resign, but anyway, he left. he wouldn't be with the president told him to do what he felt it to be illegal and
Dec 9, 2012 2:00pm EST
who works for the natural resources defense council. >> [inaudible] [laughter] one of the questions i have is -- [inaudible] in the work that i'm doing on climate and environmental justice work is how do you move from the vision, which is really exciting, think -- [inaudible] just how in thinking about some of the, some of the -- [inaudible] you talked about specifically meeting an infrastructure and some particular types of strategies, and -- [inaudible] space carved out, but there was a real question of what do we do in that space. but kind of more specifically, i'm wondering, um, how do we address, um, the issue of corporate power which you talked about as one of the problems corporate -- [inaudible] militarization, etc., how we address that in particular when we're thinking about bringing this multitude of movements together, and within that multitude -- environment, labor, etc. -- there are, there's a range of -- [inaudible] so i'm kind of struggling with this idea of having a multitude of -- [inaudible] but also having a way to really take on that power in a way that -- [inaudib
Dec 2, 2012 7:45am EST
get to talk about magic againis for after midnight. your defense i think that was the one they brought over pre and. it now this another one. we have a show host that was here for many tina barryshe was just plain sexy. >>host: this was her fragranced. she was always looking for more magic i said what were you doing? bathing it?inside of it? [laughter] >>guest: this is i enjoyed this in the morning. >>host: i think this is lovely. it comes with the gift bag and tissues and cypriot inside.[reading] >>guest: and there is terry lewis from your >>host: and there is terry lewis from your first show.she was more of the pheromone grow. the >>guest: of the warmer you get the more fragrant this is >>host: you taught me something about putting the powder between your makes your hands a small delightful.--mel delightful. smellbutbad >>caller: this makes this magical women. >>host: id is a fragranced it often offer. --it not a fragranced we often offered. you may have seen that marilyn miglin on duty day. beauty we have the body lotion. this has a gorgeous fragranced
Dec 8, 2012 9:00pm EST
to the defense of her alleged assail i can't and says in the trial at arthur never lifted the ax she never believed he intended to hurt her she felt safe in his presence. he was just -- and she wanted the it to go away. and he did this and this and managed to get ore people to override the testimony. so arthur is convicted. there's only one punishment for that which is the death penalty. and so arthur bowen goes on to death row, and? january of 1836, is sentenced to death. and with the clock ticking, mrs. thorton does something even more -- it was amazing snuff enough she had testified on arthur's behalf on criminal trial. she starts out recruiting her friends in high society and she was very prominent woman. many prominent friend, easy access to the leadership of the country. she weptd to the vice president van buren and said use your good officings with the president jackson, tell him he should pardon arthur, you know. his mother is very good and, you know, she
Dec 1, 2012 7:00pm EST
you are visiting. i will read from one of the season the defense will carson was doing. again, this is a pamphlet he would get for free if you went to the national wildlife refuge. assateague is one of the barrier islands typical of the middle class to coast. never more than three miles from shore to shore, buying between she could take a embassy. seen from the air is the migrating waterfall coming from the north must've seen it come its eastern border is a white ribbon of santa cruz around in his long arc of the sub the island to form and include server. back from the beach to stand up and salute is in the house of sand or little by little bound unrestrained at the beach grasses and the low succulents and loving teen plants. as the vegetation increases come at the dunes fall away into salt marshes bordering the bay. like islands standing out of the low marsh areas are patches of firmer, higher ground for a certain kind of uncarpeted tickets of myrtle, bayberry, >> , rose impact crater. scattered to the marshes and ponds and puddles filled with grass and bordered with bulrushe
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am EST
for the defense and the weather can a real hard and everywhere everything and there are a lot of them out there, in december of you when there besides imposing is a warm feel to it. repeat to the center of your body, the heat in the trenton my hands are freezing, i did some of the bombers and even if it but to the field or up to pocket or you will put your hands and to keep your hands form. to really to get the full experience to be booked with this and keep your personal items that of some of those and the rhythm and year but and you and if i'm not i will be told kidding. --- gating clean and has your team and different and the quilted+ vest, it keeps you warm and it is all about cord, your arms could a cold but as long as the cord is a form, that is the most respected part in what perry get warm >>host: we didn't skimp on any details there to pockets on the front and getting your internal pecan or if it is a transitional autumn: in san through the and over it and knew we to endure and when you are this jacket on and you do have layers of look clothes underneath, such as, sweaters, it was
Dec 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
wimpy and defensive, i think that is you know the central underlying but suppressed element between obama and romney on foreign-policy. i think romney, you know i read a piece for salon about that debate and one of the things i went back and read was from the speech in virginia where he made the most bold statement on foreign-policy. that is a rough speech. people who want to bid for romney should read the speech where he says you know we should be doing much more about keeping more troops in iraq and doing all this sort of stuff and then he's coming back to the notion that obama is reading an apology to her and he doesn't really believe in america. i think that language in 1952 about criticizing the democrats and being wimpy on fighting the fight against communism, there is a direct line. on that i feel very safe. there's also a direct line about the totalitarianism and socialism on the part of task sites within the republican party and the kind of tea party language of today. so i do think there's a lot of kind of similarities that what is remarkable to me is that you now, what is
Dec 8, 2012 2:45pm EST
one example, it was a truism that all the wars israel fought were in self-defense. but current scholarship reveals a very different picture. in his monumental study, "defending the holyland, the author who was formerly the head of strategic studies at tel aviv university, it's a very large volume, and the essence of e volume -- ere s some original work, but the essence of the volume is he surveys the whole gamut of mainstream scholarship on all the wars israel has fought. it's a very impressive, i think, scholarly achievement. but for our purposes what's more interesting is what ccludes. so let me quote him. israel's war experience is a story of folly, recklessness and self-made traps. none of t wars, with the possible exception of the 1948 war o independence, none of the wars israel foughtwere what raelis refer tos a war of necessity. the were all wars of choice or folly. that's the current scholarly consensus. israel's fabled purity of arms and liberal occupatio have not faredmuch better after coming nder the statute think of historians -- under thescriny of historians and hu
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10